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Study In Canada

Study in Canada

Canada is a pioneer in providing academic excellence and is home to some of the best schools in the world. The number of international students studying in Canada is constantly growing, and you can be a part of that.

The affordability of Canadian education is comparatively inexpensive compared to other developed countries and falls within the budget of many international students. Cultural diversity also plays an important role in selecting Canada as an educational destination. You can earn while you learn in Canada. International students feel safe and at peace in Canada away from their homes and have lots of opportunities for Immigration permanently after completion of studies. In Canada, students have a really bright future ahead of them.

Canadian universities offer three major intakes mainly – Fall, Winter and Summer.


Winter Session: Starts in January

Summer Session: Around April / May

Fall Session: Starts in September


At Complete Immigration Services we can guide and help you to apply for: 

  1.  Study Permit

  2.  Study without a Study Permit

  3.  Work While Studying in Canada


A student can work on PGWP (Post-Graduation Work Permit) after the completion of their studies in Canada, which can lead to Immigrating permanently.

If you are interested in a bright future in Canada or want just want to study please contact us.


  Perfect for current and future students

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